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What We Do

The Business Data Store was founded on the principle that things should be simple. Complexity is just…well…complex. We try to make it easy for our clients to get their targeted lists compiled and downloaded, so that they can concentrate on getting their marketing campaigns done, rather than messing around with getting the data they need.

We provide one of the easiest, user friendly mailing list platforms on the Web, for you to do search queries on many, many demographic criteria, and to do this any time you want to without having to interact with anyone. You can produce and download a targeted direct mail list at 3 AM in the morning if you want to!

We also provide tons of additional marketing data that is not available directly on our website, such as real time or slightly aged Internet leads, other targeted leads for different niches like insurance, automotive, mortgages, email address append services, etc., etc. With the Email Append Service we can append emails to lists that are missing email addresses, and we can append contact data and lots of demographic data to email lists where all you have is the first name, the last name and the email address. ┬áIf you want to expand your email campaigns, let us add email addresses to your lists! Or vice versa – if you are missing postal addresses, let us add as many as possible to your list so that you can expand your direct mail reach!


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